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‘Beach-ready’ Website Healthcheck Offer

summer-offerSummer’s here, though not for long, I expect. Still, to brighten the day of whatever temperature, we are offering a ‘Beach-ready’ Website Healthcheck, discounted while were still full of Piriton!

For only £399 +VAT, saving £100, we’ll give your site a ‘Beach-ready’ top-to-tail ‘going-over’, reviewing all the important aspects of your site, ensuring top performance, and making any recommendations that may improve it still further.

You might *think* that there are no problems, but changes to code structure, plugins, links to external sites and social media feeds, all risk failing at some point, because you can’t be sure that other website code isn’t having an impact on your own.

We’ll check:

  • That you are being found on Google and have good positioning
  • That you are visible in the popular social media platforms
  • That your Google My Business site is registered
  • Any broken links identified and fixed where possible
  • Any risky code, or hacking attempts identified
  • A security audit

We can also offer design improvement recommendations, based on building high-spec sites for over 20 years.

Contact us with the form to the right, and we can get on it while you sit in the sun!

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Top Twitter Tips

twitter-followers8 Twitter Tips Guaranteed to Gain more Followers (ethically!)

Creating a voice and persona on Twitter is one of the best ways to engage with thought-leaders, meet new customers, get traffic back to your website and bridge the gap between your brand and the people who engage with it

1. Its not about the numbers:

Being active on Twitter isn’t a follower growth competition! Becoming popular on Twitter is relative; the amount of followers you have doesn’t necessarily amount to popularity. Of greater significance is the number of interactions – comments on your Tweets, DMs, exchange of information and retweets.

2. Start following people regularly

Following new accounts not only increases your sphere of influence, there is also the probablility that those you have followed will check out your account. Don’t simply follow those with thousands of followers themselves, use the Twitter Search function to find people who are relevant to your profession and to your personal interests. Look particularly for ‘personal’ contributions, not just retweets, or auto-tweets. Look also to those who are followed by your contacts. Its a great way of expanding your catchment.

3. Retweet other users’ content

Retweeting is a compliment. It shows that you find their content interesting enough to share with your followers. Its also indicates to your readers, that you are identifying information that they themselves will find interesting. Use the Twitter search bar to find things to retweet. Searching for active, trending topics whatever you’re interested in and you will find relevant things to retweet on a daily basis. Aim to retweet at least once a day along with your own content for an interesting timeline filled with relevant, appealing information.

4. @Mention other accounts

You can start a conversation with almost anyone, and certainly Brands love an @Mention that engages with their product, is complimentary or constructive. Great brands on social media actively seek this kind of interaction with their customers.

5. Use popular hashtags such as:

#FF (follow Friday) – Still popular when used correctly. Give your clients a mention, recommend a particular Tweeter, but steer clear of ‘eggs’ or non-tweeters.

6. Keep that Tweet frequency up

If you can, tweet as often as you have something interesting, relevant or an opinion to voice. In the business context, keep it at a professional level though links to an Instagram of your lunch are likely to precipitate a flurry of ‘unfollows’! You can use your favourite social media tools to pre-schedule your updates for the week to save loadsof time. I recommend scheduling weekly as Twitter is reactive so staying ahead of, or even on, the curve is essential to succeed on this network.

7. Use your personal account

Anything your brand puts out, your personal account should retweet their updates. It sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many individuals forget to check the Twitter feeds of their business’ accounts.

8. Use images

Use images in some Tweets for greater impact and retweet levels. Take a look at Pinterest for high quality images that you can share via your other social networks – but make sure you give a credit to the accounts you get them from. Also, use pictures from work (with permissions, of course) and your day to day life.



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