Web accessibility is actually a legal requirement and an important and often overlooked factor when developing a website. Its main purpose is to make websites accessible to everyone, whether your visually impaired, disabled or just an inexperienced user. Failure to make your site accessible could mean a loss in potential customers visiting your site. Seven Communications insist that web accessibility comes as standard with all our sites and not as an ‘option’.

Yes! Depending on how the site was written in the first place, some code can be enhanced to suit, but some sites my need a more mobile-friendly (or ‘responsive’) framework building to replace.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves a variety of methods which help your website get to the top of the search engine results. We offer a standard form of SEO with all our sites as well as an optional monthly maintenance service.

We can’t guarantee to get you to the very top of Google every time (anyone who does is either untruthful, or using dubious and usually outlawed methods) – but in most cases we can get your site prominently listed according to your requirements and budget.

Yes – prices and packages vary but start from £100 per year.

Ever since 1997…when the Internet was still a novelty, looking for a solid business benefit.

How long is a piece of string? – the time really does depend on the size of the job. A small XHTML site (4 pages) can take as little as a week depending on complexity and our availability. A larger site can take months. Our usual method is to take a brief from you, design some visuals, approve the design together, begin construction, then upload, validate and submit to the search engines.

All our websites are tested on multiple browsers on both Mac & PC (and mobile if required). We can create programs for distribution on CD that are Mac, PC or both.

In most instances its best to have a meeting so that we can learn more about your company. However if cost or distance is a factor it is possible to do things over the phone. The relationship is important though – we don’t want you to be fobbed off with an out-of-the-box product, so we do need to understand your business. Call us for more information.

Yes! – corporate identity and logos are just some of our specialities – logos, stationery sets & exhibition graphics – we can help.

We can offer a Content Management System (CMS) that easily incorporates into your site giving you the ability to update whenever you want. We can also add Adobe Contribute tags to your site so you update it without damaging it. Alternatively give us a Word document and we can update it for you.

Most host providers have some form of ’Webstats’ page. The hosting package that Seven Communications offer provides you with all the necessary details needed to gain full information about who’s viewing your site, when, and how they are finding it.