Cookie Anyone?

Choco_chip_cookieThere have been changes to EU Privacy legislation (yawn!) , but it means that all website owners now need to have a ‘Cookies Policy’ which notifies users of what cookies are used on the site, what they are for, and how to control them. The legislation came into being on May 2011, and there has been a ‘watch & see’ for a year, but now all websites have to comply.

Many sites uses cookies for, basically, Google Analytics, Content Management, and Shopping Carts. We can sort you a proper cookies audit, a compliant cookies policy and update the site to suit. It’s a bit of work to go through, but we can cover for a flat £250 +VAT. If your looking for a complete new site, we will now incorporate this into the project spec.

There is more info here:

As sites have to comply by the end of May, the usual process seems to be that if you have an action plan then any user complaints are disregarded, so let us know if this would help. We have quite a few lined up!

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