Whats so Special About Hosting?

Why on earth would you want to pay for ‘business-class’ web hosting? True, we are is a little more than many providers, if only on the basis that you *can* get cheap, or even FREE hosting?

We would say that the 2 basic criteria are:

  1. Server performance, both in up-time (staying online) and speed
  2. Availability and competence of tech support

Our up-time is amongst the best, but 2) HAS to be better than a lot of other hosts we liaise with,… via Mumbai, Canada, Australia etc., particularly when they are clueless about a problem. As an example, recently we noticed that a host, (name removed), had switched the address of a client’s website. No reason, no explanation, no apology. Altogether there was probably a couple of days of us, IT contractor & Client, trying to sort it out, over the weekend, which the client will have to pay for. Now THAT’S expensive hosting!

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