Is this you?Frustrated-user

  • Frustrated about keeping your website up to date?
  • Web developer snowboarding/too busy/not responding?
  • Broken code, but no-one seems able to sort?
  • Need changes to the site but don’t want to start from scratch?
  • Simply not got the time to deal with the technicalities?

These are all questions that our clients have a big “YES” to, as the original promise of the website seems to have been lost in a technical nightmare.

Many of our clients have issues where the time to fix errors on their website, update content or just make minor improvements seems to be taking AGES! “What could be so difficult about a simple change like that?” I hear you say. Well, to be honest, not all changes ARE simple, but it is certainly the case that the resources needed to keep on top of web site maintenance are beyond the small organisation that is wanting to make changes, but lacking the expertise. Even large companies are not always able to respond as quickly as desired, sometimes due to budgetary constraints and internal cross-charging, sometimes because, frankly, the in-house department has an interest in prolonging the process to ensure their ‘indispensability’. IT ‘Help’ Desk? Huh!

We can help

If any of this sounds familiar, we can definitely help. Not only have we been building and maintaining websites for nearly 20 years, but we have a commitment to our clients that ensures that no-one makes a request without the expectation that we are able to sort urgently, frequently the same day, overnight if need be.

Even those with the job of maintaining sites come to us, as we have such a range of experience that we can usually sort any perplexing issue that arises, one way, or another.

Even someone else’s problem

We don’t even need to be the original developer. So many sites out there have been built where the original developer has moved on, that we are quite happy to take on a maintenance contract for you. You don’t need to abandon that project and waste the budget spent. Our years of developing websites means that there are rarely occasions when we can’t make the required fixes, and if a project is really incapable of doing the job (mobile compatibility of a Flash site, for example), we will help you with a site that is robust, attractive, future-proof, and above all, effective for your business.

How it works

We are finding that anything other than the simplest of sites are taking time on a regular routine to keep on top of security issues, backups, updates etc, and so now are now organising maintenance contracts as the only way to keep this activity scheduled.

The formula that seems to be working for all is to allocate maintenance hours on a monthly basis for the routine jobs, then, if there IS a problem, we can use the time towards that, and usually resolve it. This is done ‘per site’. The entry-level for bespoke or third-party sites is 3 x 30min ‘issues’, either telephone or ‘hands-on’. If there is something which looks to be a more major piece of work, we can investigate and quote separately (or spread over a longer period). Time, though cannot be carried forward – as for all of us – once its gone, its gone!

Whats included?

Pretty well everything. It can be from setting up an iPhone email to installing online payments, correcting a typo to copywriting a whole site, SEO to PPC. If there is a current issue then it is likely that we would want to fix that before the monthly arrangement starts, but we don’t have a constraint on the tasks to be included. We WOULD want to ensure that the monthly arrangement is roughly appropriate for the average activity – there is little help in underestimating the support, only to find that we haven’t planned the cover required.

Whats not included?

Meetings. We try to conduct our support via email/phone/online, as that is by far the most efficient, and keeps our focus on your website. We’re very happy to support to advise strategy, provide consultancy, be brought in as ‘expert’, but it would be chargeable, as we don’t add value unless we are working for you. We ARE a real Cheshire-based business though. Not some virtual, offshore, call centre!

Any small print?

Not really. Payments are by Standing Order, monthly, in advance. Unused time can’t be rolled-forward, as if we promise availability, we have to keep that open and can’t double-book. There is 3 months notice of termination required.

Do you have Pay-as-You-Go contracts?

No. If emergency cover is needed, we CAN help, but its an emergency rate, since it will be outside our usual contract resources and workflow. One-off Panic calls can’t be allowed to disrupt our contract clients, in effect obtaining a premium service with no commitment. There WILL be cheaper options out there, but whether you get the job done is a different matter. Rant over!

This sounds like it could help me a lot. What do I need to do next?

Here are our standard plans. Give us a call, or send an email/fill in the form. If you can advise the website and what sort of cover is required, we can make a start date. It’s as simple as that.

Basic Business Professional
Monthly Allowance 1hr 2hr 4hr
Website Health Check a a a
24/7 Security Monitoring a a a
Uptime Monitor a a a
User & Content Tracking a a a
Weekly Security Scan r a a
Premium Security, Performance & SEO Plugins r a a
 Spam Comment Cleansing r a a
Site Performance Optimisation r a a
SEO Consultancy r r a
Premium Theme & Plugin Updates r r a
Site Migrations (Moving Domains or Hosts) r r a
UK Hosting Discount r r a
£100/month £200/month £300/month